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Rice Lake Paving Project

Rice Lake Road Work to Begin Summer 2025.

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Update: June 14, 2024

There is little progress this month.  The County is considering and obtaining quotes to clear trees along the road between Izacc Walton and the Clubhouse.  HRS Surveying has been hired to help locate the existing right-of-way lines back in the housing area.  You may notice their trucks and personnel.  

Update: May 9, 2024

The County Engineer's Office is working on plans for resurfacing the roads around Rice Lake during the summer of 2025.  This project would include Lakeside Drive, Linden Lane, Maple Drive, Golf Avenue, and 235th Avenue.  Leading up to the project, some preliminary goals include confirming right-of-way, evaluating obstructions near the road, clustering mailboxes, house-mounting address markers, and evaluating drainage.  With your cooperation, this project will move along quickly.

The Board of Supervisors has begun the process to secure $525,000 through Tax Increment Financing to pay for the project.  Notice will be sent toward the end of may to affected land owners.

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