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Parks & Wildlife Areas

Winnebago County Conservation Board manages more than 3,500 acres of parks, wildlife areas, and recreation areas throughout Winnebago County.

Before visiting our areas, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please report any fish and wildlife violations you observe to the Turn in Poachers (TIP) Program by calling 1-800-532-2020. You can provide as much information as possible while remaining anonymous. A conservation officer will be dispatched to investigate.
  • Non-lead ammunition is required when hunting on WCCB areas, except when hunting deer or turkeys. We've had Trumpeter Swans die from lead shot poisoning, so the problem is real. For more information about hunting with non-lead ammo, check out Please consider using non-lead fishing tackle, as well, for the same reason. For more information about non-lead tackle, check out the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's website.
  • In response to the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer, the WCCB has banned bringing firewood into our county parks and wildlife areas from outside Winnebago County. Please purchase your firewood locally to help curb the spread of this invasive insect.
  • Fireworks are not allowed in any area managed by the Winnebago County Conservation Board. Thank you for respecting our parks, the wildlife that live there, and our park users.

Ambroson Recreation Area

3035 Highway 9
Leland, IA

Bolstad Wildlife Area

22920 470th Street
Lake Mills, IA

C.A. Block Wildlife Area

18405 420th Street
Leland, IA

Dahle Park

21179 485th St.
Lake Mills, IA

Dearing Tract

3250 470th Street
Buffalo Center, IA

Grant Wildlife Area

34500 30th Ave.
Woden, IA

Gruis Recreation Area

2724 360th St.
Buffalo Center, IA

Hagen Prairie

46380 212th Ave.
Lake Mills, IA

Hanson Nature Center

41600 Hwy 69
Leland, IA 50453

Hogsback Wildlife Area and Target Shooting Range

48050 210th Ave.
Lake Mills, IA

Hogsback Wildlife Area Annex

47501 205th Avenue
Lake Mills, IA

Jack Rabbit Slough

14400 430th St.
Thompson, IA

Jensen/Kvale Tract

19947 440th Street
Lake Mills, IA

Lande River Conservation Area

20145 470th St.
Lake Mills, IA

Larson-Tweed Wildlife Area

47119 220th Ave.
Lake Mills, IA

Lenz-McCoy Wildlife Area

36795 210th Ave
Forest City, IA

Linden Township Cemetery

38128 90th Ave.
Thompson, IA

Luke Rossiter Wildlife Area

49265 70th Ave.
Thompson, IA

Nieman Wildlife Area

35999 155th Ave.
Forest City, IA

Osmundson Slough

12759 390th St.
Thompson, IA

Quam Wildlife Area

47811 30th Ave.
Rake, IA

Rauk-Rasmussen Tract

37780 Highway 69
Forest City, IA

Russ Wildlife Area

34222 100th Ave.
Forest City, IA

Thompson Roadside Prairie

10809 Highway 9
Thompson, IA

Thorpe Park

34496 110th Ave.
Forest City, IA

Thorpe Recreation Area

12380 340th St.
Forest City, IA

Walker Prairie

34135 220th Ave.
Forest City, IA

Winnebago County Home Farm

22230 410th St.
Lake Mills, IA

Winnebago River Recreation Area

40500 175th Ave.
Leland, IA

Map of Winnebago County Parks & Wildlife Areas

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